Letting go of Ego (3)

The love series

Letting go of Ego

Episode 3 – The Sermon

Everyone was dressed in black and when I looked from afar, I saw that I was also dressed in black too. Everyone was crying and as I saw, I was crying with them. They were all standing in a section of a graveyard and I saw myself standing with them even though I was yet watching from afar. And then the man of God was leading the prayer for the repose of the soul of the departed. Nedu was dead and were here to bury him. But then from afar, I saw myself crying and I wouldn’t stop asking myself – why was I crying? I thought I hated him? I should be happy he was dead. But I was so bittered. And then my alarm rang and I woke up. What a dream! And it was Sunday morning.

My heart was beating fast. It dawned on me that I never really hated Nedu. And even if I thought I did, there was still a part of me that loved him. I just was never letting that part of me to lead me. I made up my mind I was going to let go of every hatred, egoism and pride in me and I knew I needed God’s help.

That Sunday morning in Church, it was as though the minister was just speaking to me alone and no one else. God indeed has planned to set me free on that day so the dream was just a trailer. I had never been so open to receive the Word of God as I was on this Sunday morning. The minister would not stop repeating this scripture;

“And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit which is given unto us” (Romans 5:5)

I wasn’t hearing this scripture for the first time, but this time it sank into my heart and it stayed. The minister went on;

Love is not a commandment, it is a nature. In other words, God has not commanded us to love, he placed love in our hearts by nature, so we can only love.

And how is this made possible? By virtue of Christ in us for Christ is love.

We love people just as God loves them, we see them as he sees them.

We don’t hate people, we don’t condemn or judge them because it’s not in our nature to do so.

So if you find yourself hating someone, it’s simply because you are yet to understand the reality of Christ in you.

How could be life be transformed in just one service? And so the burden of years was lifted, I was free. I felt so much joy and peace in my heart like never before. And for the first time in my Christian life, I started to experience the Holy Spirit. Everything changed. My life has been transformed. And so I made up my mind to start letting love lead. I was going to start loving Nedu like Nedu before. Even if I think he hates me, I would still love him.

The end!

* * *


Dearly beloved friend,

This was not written to condemn you or make you feel bad, but rather to help you let go of your burden if you are carrying any. So which character did you play in the story?

Are you that one that has been silently keeping grudges with your friend because you believe he is beginning to feel too big to relate with you, probably because you feel he has achieved more success than you? You complain that he doesn’t call you, he doesn’t show concern or relate with you?

My dear if your friend doesn’t call you, call him. He is no more showing concern or relating with you? My dear relate with him. Don’t just sit and expect to be receiving love from others, start giving that love you desire to receive. If you want to be loved, love. If you want to be cared for, give care. Start giving whatsoever you desire to receive. If all we do is sit and complain of not being loved, no one will ever receive love.

Don’t be carried away with social media and don’t take things personal. You post a photo and you expect 100 comments and when you don’t get it, you go crazy. My dear! And don’t start doing things because you see others doing it.

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