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Dangers of women using toothpaste to ‘tighten vaginal muscles’

All you need to know about tightening vagina muscles

Tighten vaginal muscles

have been a well occurred or observed issues many women face or go through, that they don’t seem to want to talk about, alot. More like a personal challenge.

And it has been observed that many women are actually willing to go the extra-mile or do the unthinkable just to restore this. Its is researched that some use potash locally called (akaun) by a set of Nigerian local, some try steaming¬† and alot more just to attain the “perfect” vagina.

And just when you think you have heard it all, then pummm, another bizarre method emerges. So among the new bizarre currently trending is using toothpaste to tighten the vagina muscles, which has a couple of side effects, which we would be talking about.

  1. It is a myth that toothpaste would tighten vagina muscles according to Vanessa Mackay, consultant gynecologist and spokesperson for the the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. It is a fallacy generated from somewhere, which could only end up damaging your private part.
  2. Putting toothpaste in your vagina could be uncomfortable.
  3. It could also cause serious damage and disrupt the natural flora of the vagina leading to the potentials for infections like bacterial vaginosis and thrush.  Image of bacterial vaginosis below. image of vaginal thrush below
    vainal thrush
    vainal thrush
  4. Some Kind of toothpaste contain small particles that could cause painful micro-abrasions to the vagina walls.
  5. Could also leave women infertile, (the most vital point)
  6. toothpaste is caustic and too abrasive for a sensitive body part like the vagina and could destroy organism meant to protect the vagina from possible infections. And when the vagina could no longer protect itself, the body is left to be a hive for infections and diseases.

With all this been said, it is best advised that as a lady you avoid the fallacy or the temptation of trying all sort in the name of vagina Tightening and rather play safe, by letting nature play its natural course with time and then patience, or better still check online for exercise that you could do for vagina muscle, as this is safer, healthier and better.

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