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Getting your kids engaged in cooking

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  • Hibs and Ross County fans on final
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Getting your Kids engaged in cooking

You want to teach your kid to eat right, the best way to do that is to invite them to the kitchen, so you could prepare a healthy meal together. By so doing, they learn directly or indirectly. Preparing food is a healthy lifestyle kids need to imbibe as they grow up, to also help them overcome the habit of fast foods.

But as much as these is known, getting them engaged is another part of the task that needs to be done, and done correctly. So to help you with that is a quick step on how to go about that.

6 steps to get your kids engaged in cooking

  1. Take them along with you to grocery, allow them get involved in the grocery selection process, let them choose the fruits they want and any other idea that they seem to fancy .
  2. Look through cook book or recipe website together, this also help them get actively engaged and know where to go to, when they need direction on how to cook a particular meal or recipe.
  3. Taste everything together, and talk about the color, texture and what recipe they think should be added to make it better.
  4. Provide the kids with their own utensils, so when they enter the kitchen, they know what is theirs and what to cook with, that way it becomes safer for them to cook a meal, when you are not around.
  5. Start them out young in the kitchen, so you do not need feeling they are too young to be involved in the domestic or kitchen affairs, because the earlier the better it would be for them.
  6. And lastly, assign an age appropriate task for them in the kitchen. Making sure the right age is handling the right kitchen utensil.

So, i hope this basic step helps you make the right decision on how to get your beautiful kids actively engaged in cooking.


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