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Cold murder on a sunny day

Cold murder in Ifo, Ogun state, Nigeria

It started as a sunny and calm day in Ifo, Ogun State , Nigeria. When suddenly a large crowd of people started converging, and getting more attention of people, where a dead or probably half dead body, was found, cold murder on the ground.murder in a sunny day

From the information gathered, he was/is a mad man, who initially has caused a bit of unease in the location by cutting one of the shop owners in the location with a knife, thereby causing serious injury to the said person.

There after the mad man went away and came back again with more intention to cause more trouble, then the hoodlums in the area started hitting it with sticks after which he fell on the ground, and according to eye witnesses, said he was pretending dead. That he stood up few minutes before he suddenly lied on the ground and then refused to standup again, pretending a fake death.

Images of the said victim is uploaded above.



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