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5 ways to solve erectile dysfunction

Solving Erectile Dysfunction


Solving Erectile Dysfunction, also know as ED there are a couple of ways discovered by scientist and researcher to solve erectile dysfunction and also solve or increase sexual energy.

And a couple of them have proven worthwhile or useful, but many of which are with plenty side effects. Discussed here are naturally proven facts without any side effects.


Fruits are sweet and fleshy products of a tree or other plant, they contain seed and can be eaten as food.


  1. DATES    commonly known as date or date palm, is a flowering plant species, in the palm family, cultivated for its edible sweet fruit. And if you live in Africa, specifically Nigeria, you would realize this fruits come majorly from the northern part of Nigeria, in case you are wandering where to get them in enough quantity. This fruits are majorly very good to enhance your penile strength, refreshing and making stronger all the necessary vein the male reproductive system needs to function optimally.
  2. TIGER NUT       This is a crop found much across the world, it is found in most of Africa, south Europe, Madagascar and few other country. It is found in most of Africa. In Nigeria it is specifically found in most of the Northern part of the country. You could make a nice juice out of this, by blending the Tiger nut, after which you would sieve out the remnant leaving behind the juice, which is very healthy and could be taken often.
  3. WATER MELON      This  is surprisingly very healthy fruits, with a lot of water content, The fruits get ripened under the sun, and it has a very dark red tissue inside which is very healthy for eating, and specifically aids digestion too.  In the absence of water, water melon could be used as a very good alternative for water, in the absence of natural water. It could also be blended to produce good juice water melon juice too.
  4. COCONUTS   It is also a member of the palm tree family, the fruit or the seed is botanically a drupe. it is considered to be very healthy and essential for man. In-fact i could personally say very effective. And could be use to make a blended juice to by sieving off the remnants. but it must be finished in no time, as leaving it too long is bad.
  5. CASSAVA FLAKES(GARRI)   Cassava contains starch, which is known as safe starch, it doesn’t get retained completely in the body. It is advantageous to the body, since it helps in expelling a portion of the particles of cholesterol, present in the frame work after it gets appended to them.                                        Now to my personal formulae that helps retain sexual strength.

Now my favorite formulae that helps me sexually, is eating Tiger nut every morning, as well as dates. After which i also have Tiger nut and Cassava flakes, with honey, just few moments before having any sexual intercourse. that way i get rock solid.

And so you know, you don’t have to wait till moments before sex to drink cassava flakes, mixed with honey and Tiger nut. You can always do that on your own, at your own leisure.

I hope this works for you as it does for me.


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