10 significant reason to stay sexually sober

10 significant reason to stay sexually sober

Staying sexually sober could be a very tedious job. As it takes a lot of determination, and for most people it might take a moment of relapse.

It takes a lot to stay sexually sober, as it most times cannot be achieved alone, it may take a good friend or colleague to help you along this process, someone you could call a partner or someone that you are rest assured is very confidential and not loosed lips, who can keep your secrets.

Listed below are 10 significant reasons to say sober, and do take note, it has worked for a lot of people, it could definitely work for you too, but you have to put your mind in it, as well as be focused and believe it would work for you too.

10 reasons to stay sexually sober
10 reasons to stay sexually sober
1. sexual soberness honors GOD:

Been sexually sober has been a long, and ancient way to honor GOD, it has worked a long time before and it still does. We cant live well while living inĀ  sexual addiction, The bible shows us in (cor. 6 vs 13) The body, however, is not meant for sexual immorality but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body.

2.Think about the repercussion:

When you have an intent to relapse, always have it at the back of your mind the repercussion to what you are about to do. It has been know that the most common causes or effects of this kind of addiction is Erectile Dysfunction (ED), which could invariably affect your sexual life, causing poor erection. Which is not good for one

3. It could bring about an embarrassment:

At the point of trying to please your partner, it could get almost impossible for you to get sexually aroused, because your mind have been wired to be sexually aroused by someone or something else, thereby causing an embarrassment for you and your wife or fiance, thereby, thinking you don’t find them attractive. Which is also a big stain on your masculine self.

4. Been sober makes the mirror looks better:

Study on men who consume lager amount of pornography says they have a high level of body dissatisfaction. Which means that, they are not pleased with themselves, or they have lower self esteem and can hardly connect well with others.

5. It gives the marriage a second chance:

A report says, married people who starts watching porn are most likely to get a divorce, because they no longer find themselves sexually attractive and by this doing, one of the other might be forced to get involved with someone else.

6. Been sober is easier:

Been sober could make life a lot more easier for you, making personal relationship healthier, relationship with people better and makes all things generally around you better.

7. Been sober would make you happier:

Been sober has a very natural way of making you happier, the joy of been sober and been able to avoid porn, it gives you a natural ooze of joy and radiant all over your face, making live beautiful and worth living.

8. You would have a lot of time:

At this point, you would find that you suddenly have more time, and more time to do other meaningful things, because the time consumed on watching porn has been eradicated or completely eliminated, thereby causing a lot of free time to use wisely.

9. You could now keep your job:

Since the freedom from porn could now ooze from your inside, keeping a job becomes easier. Because your mind is free and your head is clear enough to handle the normal daily work stress.

10. Living Free:

Now that you are free and safe, staying free is now totally dependent on you, so it is very important to stay away from triggers, anything that could make you want to run to porn, stay away from loneliness, get yourself a serious relationship in case you are single and lastly always stay happy, because it is the source of life.

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